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Posted on Jul 9, 2015 by in Geen categorie |

‘Unformed’ is a prototype to a ‘horrifying’ kinetic sculpture, made of scraps of leftover wood, sillicones and unused condoms, which mimics the essence of an organism through breath and movement, removes itself from being an actual being alltogether.

The exhibition would exist out of two ‘spaces’;

One, the ‘Phantom’, is the space where we can only be kept in mystery. We hear a sound through a babyphone, a sound of pulsing, groaning, the hacking of machinery. It works like a pandoras box, and the viewer can’t be helped to be drawn into the sensation of destructive curiosity; what exactly is the source of its sound?

The other part is the part of ‘the flesh’, the space where mystery is replaced with Over Exposure. the space where too much is revealed. A strange, unformed embodiment of the flesh, embodiment of the mechanism, that is man-made like man itself, but far from complete. It cries for us, pulsates, kicks, sometimes purrs in arousal, leaving us in a strange position of awkwardness, not knowing whether to mother it or completely ignore it’s exhistence.

The overall piece embodies a quest towards the Human Psyche, in which identity and the space between rejection and affection toward the Other are questioned.