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Laetitia Roling is an animator, illustrator and makes everything motion graphic with a slight twist and edge. From the age of 3 she wanted to be an ‘artist’ as she was drawing a lot of horses and cats with wings, but she forgot the arms somehow, armless mermaids and ponies galore. She knows of the software, yet she returns to the real world paintbrush a lot. Currently she has aspiring dreams aplenty. She hopes┬áto┬ábecome part of exhibitions, productions on stage, writing, while still developing the skills she has and showing off more of her conceptual skills, her love for philosophy and idols such as David Lynch and Cronenberg. She likes to explore more on marrying the grotesque with the lovely and the line between abstract and figurative within the confines of her work. She sometimes is a dreamer and a procrastinator, and likes making stuff with silicones, cloths and fur. She doesn’t like 3d christmas cards.