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UNFORMED is a prototype of an installation, mainly built around a kinetic translucent ‘creature’. The installation exists out of two spaces, that of the apparent ‘creator’, where only the outcries of the creature are heard, and that of the creature itself, hidden from the world in a dark space. It pulsates, its hokey mechanics pump and spasm, its leg kicks and its neck extends our way while it wants our Love, which is perhaps a love we sadly, strangely paralyzed in fear by its being perhaps, cannot give.

Inspired by both the looks of nature and many a movie Milou and Laetitia both fear and love, along with theories alongside The Uncanny by Sigmund Freud and explorations by Lacan, the work explores the land of various renditions of fear, human nature to be either repulsed or attracted, and how exactly this human nature works.