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An overall showreel of snippets of many, it defines the places I’ve been last few years. From stop motion to editing, to art direction, the stapling together of a gypsy place and sewing of dresses.

One of the music videos I’ve been editing on this year, this one, where a mans suffering from inner turmoil is inherently entwined with the physical world around him, has been a nice lesson on how to learn the pace of emotions a little better.

A stop motion about the impossibility between lovers to overcome the space between them on a piece of melodramatic music.

One of my earlier ‘test’ for a course of typography, I decided to go for a poem by Edgar Allen Poe, and instead of using the dark gothic visual usually associated with it, I went for a happy stylized look, never the less combining it with analogous, somewhat gritty sources such as photos of drawn animation, cut out and painted on foam letters and claymation.